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GESIS Research Data Management Workshop: Cancelled!

GESIS Research Data Management Workshop, April 23-24, 2020, Cologne

This workshop has been cancelled due to the Corona crisis.

The workshop helps researchers to ensure that their research data is usable within the project and can be safely made available to others - both for the purpose of research replication and for re-use in new contexts. Ideally, these tasks are implemented in the research process without major extra efforts for researchers. For this purpose the workshop focuses on legal issues of data collection and sharing, on basic concepts of data cleaning and data documentation, on the organization of research data within the research project of as well as on sharing the data beyond the research project of origin.

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Refugee Migration & Integration Revisited

IAB-ECSR conference, May 14-15, 2020, Nuremberg, Germany.

***Due to the global corona virus crisis, organizers have decided to postpone the IAB-ECSR interdisciplinary conference.***

Germany has emerged as the leading destination of refugees in the EU and among other high-income countries in absolute terms at 1.6 million asylum applications, which have been submitted there from 2015 to 2018. Almost five years after the surge in refugee migration to Germany and other European countries in 2015 we aim to draw first conclusions of what has been achieved regarding the integration of refugees into the economy and other areas of society in the leading destination countries of asylum-seekers in the EU and worldwide. The conference aims to bring together demographers, economists, sociologists and political scientists to discuss the most critical lessons on refugee integration in Europe and encourages contributions on the following topics:

  • refugee migration, family reunification and patterns of settlement
  • selection of refugees
  • asylum procedures and effectiveness of integration programs
  • refugee penalty and labor market integration
  • educational and training opportunities for refugees and their offspring
  • social integration and family dynamics
  • language and cultural integration
  • health and traumata
  • effects on host country economy and population

For Call for papers (ends February 15, 2020) and further information click here.

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