You can apply for either a full or associate membership:

  • Anyone who conducts sociological research and supports the mission of the AS is eligible for full membership of the Academy. To qualify as a full member, a doctorate in sociology or another social science discipline is required. Alternatively, peer-reviewed publications, or other quality assured publications can be recognized as a prerequisite for full membership. Full members have the active and passive right to vote.
  • Anyone who supports the mission of the Academy is eligible to become an associate member. Associate members do not have an active or passive right to vote.

Verification of the membership requirements takes place in accordance with the German law on associations (Vereinsrecht). Decisions are made by the board. If you are applying for full membership, please also send a (short) curriculum vitae to:

Membership application

I like to support the aims and goals of the Academy of Sociology and apply for membership

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Upon approval of my membership application by the board members, I hereby authorise  the Academy of Sociology to collect the membership fee via SEPA direct debit:

Please also note the following: the Academy welcomes financial donations!

If you would like to make a donation to the Academy, you can transfer money directly to the account of the Academy of Sociology. You will receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the next calendar year.
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