The conference is the Academy’s most important academic event. Conferences usually take place once every two years. The focus of the three-day events is a main social science topic that is supplemented by lectures on other topics (open sessions). The board decides on the main topic and location of the conference.
Our first conferences dealt with the question of increasing social inequality (Munich, 2018) and the digitalization of society (Konstanz, 2019).

2018 AS Conference in Munich

The first conference of the Academy for Sociology took place between April 4th and 6th, 2018 on the topic “Growing inequality – divided society? Current Contributions of Empirical-Analytical Sociology” in München-Nymphenburg. 120 participants discussed over 60 lectures and posters (conference language German). We thank the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Foundation for the generous support.
You can find the programme of the conference here (in German).

2019 AS Congress

Digitalization is one of the megatrends of our century. The social sciences as well as the public have just begun to study and understand the deep structural changes that come with digitalization. This complex mixture of opportunities and risks in many areas of social life has been subject of our second AS conference located in Konstanz, Sep 25-27, 2019. We are grateful to the University of Konstanz, its Clusters of Excellence „Centre for the Advanced Study of Collective Behaviour“ and „The Politics of Inequality” as well as the ETH Zürich for generous support.

Rewatch selected talks given by invited speakers on You Tube.

You can find the programme of the conference here.